As Gold soars to near record highs, what options are available for buying gold?

24th July, 2020

Mark Ting discusses Gold, precious metals and the different choices on how to purchase them on CBC’s On the Coast with Gloria Macarenko.

How the stock market can be expensive and cheap at the same time

17th July, 2020

Mark Ting, on how to navigate a difficult investment environment.

Fitch Ratings downgrades Canada's credit rating

7th July, 2020

Mark Ting discusses why Fitch Ratings downgrades Canada's credit rating from AAA to AA+.

Thinking about getting into the stock trading game? Consider these tips

5th June, 2020

Mark Ting on why not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Take money out of your RRSPs or go into debt?

5th June, 2020

The best options when facing a cash crunch. Mark Ting discusses when to dip into your RRSPs.

Time to buy? What the pandemic means for Vancouver's real estate market

13th May, 2020

Mark Ting discusses on what lies ahead for buyers and sellers amid COVID-19.

Covid-19 affects the local real estate market

16th March, 2020

Mark Ting discusses how Covid-19 is affecting the local real estate market.

Essential estate planning considerations for the family enterprise

5th March, 2020

Securing capital, managing risk, maintaining cashflow, recruiting talent — these challenges are familiar to all business owners.

North American stock markets drop

2nd March, 2020

Mark Ting discusses the recent North American stock market drop and how it compares to the Chinese stock markets.

Want a happy relationship? Keep your personal finances in good shape

26th February, 2020

Financial infidelity may end a love relationship. Mark Ting's tips on how to manage debt and relationships.

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